About Us

We are an up-and-coming seller of Innovative Kitchen Products and whole-food dietary supplements. We constantly work to provide a range of quality kitchen products that would not only work great for our customers but are also guaranteed to last for a very long time. Currently, we boast two Awesome Products that would certainly make great additions to your kitchen gear. Our Meat thermometer is perfectly handy that you can use in measuring the cooking temperatures of your meats, steaks, and baked confections. Professionally designed with Sturdy Plastic Engineering, Waterproof,  and capable of measuring and withstanding high cooking temperatures, it’s guaranteed to last for years of extensive usage in the kitchen.  We’re also proud of our Tea Leaf Infuser Set.  Strikingly Chic with a whimsical leaf design, this duo of tea infusers would make your afternoon tea time all the more special. Made with FDA Approved Silicone and Stainless Steel, it’s certified to be Eco-friendly and non-toxic so as not to leach into your favorite cups of tea. Our tea infuser set is also features a SPECIALLY ENGINEERED poly-base that allows for comfortable handling with a sticky or tacky texture. Its also got a no-drip feature so you wont be having your tea messing around on your table. We at 3R Global, also make it a point to provide for the nutritional needs of our customers. That’s why we ventured into JuicePlus+ dietary suppliments. You can now jam-pack your daily nutritional needs with the vitamins and minerals of 30 different grains, fruits and vegetables to get you to make the most out of your day!

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