Meat Thermometer

chef 3r using a meat thermometer turkey and steaks

Whether you are looking for the perfect thermometer for the professional kitchen or your own home use, our waterproof digital meat and food thermometer will provide you with years of precise and accurate culinary readings. Its solid metal probe withstands deterioration and provides a stable collection point for accurate and instant temperature readings. Ergonomically designed for your comfort in mind, the sleek and elegant plastic engineering offers state of the art wireless utilization for the discerning chef. The professionally designed unit allows for simple temperature collection, guaranteeing precise readings through its high resolution LCD screen. Our thermometer with instant read is perfect for whatever culinary projects you have on tap, from delicate confectionery recipes in the kitchen to slow roast bisque management in the backyard BBQ pit. The thermometer is waterproof, and is guaranteed to be a reliable and handy kitchen accessory for years to come.

No longer will you have to use your old hand-me-down roasting thermometers for sketchy guesswork in the kitchen. Our professional grade thermometer takes the guesswork out of delicate temperature readings, guaranteeing a perfect recipe every time. The unit offers a hands-free auto shut off for battery conservation, as well as a hold feature to capture your reading for as long as you require. The unit is ergonomically designed to be used with comfort, and the green push button controls react immediately to your requests. Using a Meat thermometer makes you sure that all your prized recipes are cooked, inside-out! Do not go another day without this invaluable kitchen tool.

Features and Benefits

  • Professional quality waterproof cooking thermometer with easy to read LCD display. International Celsius and Fahrenheit settings for chef’s discretion. Auto shut-off and hold functions for battery conservation.
  • Sleek ergonomic design for ease of use and handling. Latest model in precise culinary temperature management. Thermometer utilizes a high resolution instant read function for quick and specific temperature capture.meat thermometer turkey and steaks
  • Sturdy plastic engineering with attractive white and green display functioning. Metal probe retains consistency of temperature readings and extends the thermometer’s long life. Comes carefully packaged in a safe blister pack.
  • Wireless operation runs on long lasting battery. Commercial grade resistance to soluble solutions thanks to waterproofing. Simple insertion for accurate food temperature readings every time.
  • Perfect for every culinary project, including confections, meats, sauces, vegetables, casseroles, and soups. Can be used inside or out, depending on your cooking requirements.